Meet The Miracle Team

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Sue Buck

Managing Director

Louise Marshall


Lin Pearson


Morgan Royle

Customs Master

As an Import Coordinator and self-proclaimed “nutcase,” I navigate the intricate world of international trade with a unique blend of professionalism and humour. My role revolves around overseeing the importation process, ensuring a smooth flow of goods across borders, and managing the logistics that come with it. I possess a keen understanding of customs regulations, tariffs, and shipping procedures, making you an invaluable asset in the importation chain.

My colleagues appreciate not only my expertise but also my ability to lighten the mood in what can sometimes be a stressful environment. My sense of humour adds a touch of levity to the workplace, making interactions enjoyable and fostering a positive team spirit. Whether it’s a witty comment during a meeting or a clever analogy to explain complex import procedures, I have a knack for injecting laughter into the daily routine.

In meetings and negotiations, my humour becomes a strategic tool, helping to break the ice, build rapport, and diffuse tension. Colleagues and business partners alike find my approach refreshing, as I demonstrate that professionalism and a good sense of humour can coexist seamlessly.

Sam White

Business Development Manager

Nili Jitendra

Senior Import & Export Clerk

Emilia Klukowska

Senior Import & Export Clerk